B is for Boa and Bi

When you look at the large world of Kpop you will find two things that are most common.

1)      Groups. There are extremes like Super Junior and Girls Generation which boast 12 and 9 respectively, but most have at least 4 members.

2)      Young. Most groups that are popular right now range in age from about 15 to early twenties.

Boa and Bi are both exceptions to these rules and both considered powerhouses in the Kpop world.


Bi (aka Rain) actually started out as a part of a group but they were never very popular. He didn’t really become famous until he became a solo artist and started acting in Kdramas. His first drama, Full House, was actually the first drama I watched, and LOVED. Some of you might recognize him from Ninja Assassin or Speed Racer. He stared in both movies and is expected to be in another American movie soon.

Now, while I do quite like his acting it is not my favorite thing he does, that would be his music. He was one of the first Kpop idols I absolutely loved, he blew me away with his song Sad Tango he recently released his new album Rain Effec. It is a lot more mature sounding than most Kpop. This is probably because unlike his teeny bopper contemporaries he is at the advanced age (in Kpop years) of 31. And still freaking sexy as he explains to us in his song 30Sexy. I have copied a link to the MV below so you know what I am talking about.



untitled2Boa was actually never part of a group. She debuted as a soloist and was more popular in Japan before she became popular in Korea. In fact her Korean success didn’t happen until about half a decade after her debut. I first heard her music when I was 18 (about 5 years ago) when she released her English album. It wasn’t the huge hit she hoped it to be but it was fairly popular. Some of you may even know her song Eat You Up.

In the past 4 years she seems to have focused a lot more on her Korean music and it is where she really began to shine for me. She is now 27 years old and still active as a singer. She is a pretty great dancer as well as singer and unlike many American pop stars (I won’t name names) she can actually sing while she dances. Instead of an MV I have a link to a live performance below of one of her singles, The Shadow.


Now, anyone reading this who is into Kpop may point out that “Hey, there are solo artists that are popular in mainstream Kpop!” or “Hey, there are Kpop groups that are still active even though they are older!” Both of these are true. However, I personally can’t think of anyone else that is still very popular in mainstream Kpop who is both above the age of 25 and not part of a group.

So, therefore, these two rock. Which do you like better?


5 thoughts on “B is for Boa and Bi

    • Lol, having a bias is pretty much the entire point of kpop! I follow these other bloggers and they often point out that kpop is more about the artists then the music they produce. More of a visual art.

      • I would definitely agree with you there. I think it’s the same for all of the current Jpop bands… they don’t even use the word “band” anymore… it’s all “troupe” now, which definitely lends itself to the idea of visual arts over production (besides, not many of them writer their own music anymore…. Ayumi Hamazaki really hated that element of the business and always tried to write her own music. Same with Utada Hikaru).

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