D is for Drama

Pop music is not the only media export from Korea that I have an unhealthy obsession with. There are also Dramas! I have actually been watching them longer then I have been listening to Kpop. Way back when, about 2008, a drama came out called Full house. No, not the show with Bob Saget. This show was staring Bi aka Rain who is soooo much prettier. Seeing Bi on that show is a big part of the reason I got into Kpop in the first place.

A Kdrama is basically a short soap opera. The upside is that there is actually an ending. Any American or Spanish soap operas I can think of have gone on for years and years and have hundreds of episodes. The normal Kdrama length is about 16 episodes though it can vary and some do go up to 50, but that is by far the longest I have ever seen. This is probably a good thing because if they were any longer I would get a heart attack from all the stress!

As you have probably guessed most Kdramas are love stories but there are some common themes that run in a lot of these shows.

Girl has to cross dress like a boy for some dire reason but yet the two still end up falling for each other.

The hate that mysteriously turns to love. This is also kind of a double category because another commonality is that in all of these the guy starts out by acting like a complete jackass, her hatred is completely warranted.

Rich guy saves poor girl. This is pretty much most dramas but it is more prominent in some.

And, of course, there are the high school dramas

Most of the Dramas I have named can really go into multiple categories. So you might be thinking, if they are so similar why do you keep watching them?

Why? I will show you why:

Image   Image



All eye candy aside these are actually really good shows, for the most part, and a lot have unique story lines surrounding the common themes.

For example: In Secret Garden the jackass of a male lead is super rich and ends up falling in love with the poor girl. However, this time the poor leading lady is a stuntwoman and is pretty kickass. Also, in a weird turn of events they end up drinking a potion that makes them switch bodies sometimes.

I have linked all of the dramas to their page on the website DramaFever so if you find yourself bored with your regular shows try them out! I have watched all of them and promise they are all worth your time!


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      • That sucks! They are expanding a lot lately so check back in a few months, they may have added content for your area! Otherwise maybe just take the names of those dramas and find them elsewhere?? I don’t know which site would be good for watching foreign dramas in Japan but there has to be one!

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