F is for F(x)

F(x) is a girl group with 5 members and is definitely one of my top 5 favorite Kpop groups. My favorite song that they have ever done is Electric Shock. It is so catchy!!

In my previous posts about Kpop Idols I have mostly pointed out ones that differ from most of the Kpop mainstream but these girls are pretty typical of Kpop. One thing that does set them apart is how multicultural their members are. One is Chinese, two are American while the other two are Korean.




Victoria is the leader of the group and also the Chinese member, at 27 she is     also the oldest. She started studying dancing at a very young age and was actually scouted at a Beijing dance competition. She trained for 2 years with SM and was a model before she debuted as the leader of F(x). She was also one half of my favorite couple on We Got Married, Khuntoria, with Nickhun from 2pm. We Got Married is a Korean show where they take famous people and have them live like they are married to each other. I know the whole show is scripted but I don’t even care, it is so cute!!








Amber is one of the American members of the girl group and is the “tomboy”. She does most of the rapping in the group and is a pretty great dancer. I feel like she gets less credit then she deserves because she isn’t the “pretty one”. But she is, in my opinion, the funniest of the group and my favorite to see in the variety shows.







Krystal is the other American member of the group, at 19 she is also the youngest. She and her sister Jessica were both scouted at a very young age by SM entertainment. Her older sister debuted first as part of Girls Generation, arguably the most successful female Kpop group… ever. In my opinion Krystal doesn’t stand out too much in F(x) but she shines in her acting. She was recently in the drama Heirs and was my second favorite character. The only one I liked better was Kim Woo Bin, but that was more because he had the whole hot bad boy thing going on.






Sulli is one of the Korean members of the group. She is the also the “visual” of the group meaning they market her as the prettiest of all the members. She was actually an actress long before she was a singer having her first acting gig at age 11. She was in one of my favorite dramas To the Beautiful You where she cross-dressed as a boy so that she could go to an all boy High School to help her role model out of rut. My first thought when watching this show was “How could anyone think that she was a boy?!?” That thought continued throughout the show but it was still a lot of fun.







Luna is the other Korean member of the group and is the lead dancer and vocalist. I will be honest, she does have a pretty voice, but she is really my least favorite member of the group so I don’t know a whole lot about her.




Here is a link to their most recent music video, which member is your favorite?


6 thoughts on “F is for F(x)

    • I have to agree with you, but only to a point! Most members do have a type of look they go with but their hair is always changing! When I first started listening to Kpop I would get into a group and go through all of their old videos, and I would have a hard time telling who was who because their hair was different every video! My cousin, who was introducing me to it all, would get really annoyed because I kept mixing up the members! Lol

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