G is for G Dragon



You can’t have a theme of Kpop without talking about G-Dragon aka GD aka Kwon Ji Yong. He is basically the biggest thing in the Kpop world right now.


At 8 years old he was already under contract with an agency, SM Entertainment, he trained with them for 5 years as a dancer but left because he wasn’t really sure what he wanted to do. Soon afterwards he was introduced to the Wu-tang clan by a friend and soon became Korea’s youngest rapper at age 13 writing his own lyrics when he participated in the Flex album. He was soon signed to a different company, YG Entertainment, and I am sure that SM still cries about this. For the next six years GD was a trainee but made appearances in other artist’s albums and released a couple singles with another trainee under the group name GDYB.

In 2006 GD debuted officially as the leader of the group Big Bang. Their first album was fairly popular but it was actually a song composed by GD, Lies, that was their first number 1 hit. He continued to compose songs for his group and many were hits including Haru Haru and Last Farewell. He also helped his fellow Big Bang member Taeyang produce his first solo album.

GD’s first solo album, Heartbreaker, was released on his 21st (22nd in Korea) birthday in 2009. The album went on to win Album of the Year at the 2009 Mnet Asian Music Awards but also created a lot of controversy for GD. At first he was accused of plagiarism by Sony Music though the label that distributed one of the disputed songs said they heard no similarities. He was also accused of obscenity and suggestive content at his concert but was investigated by the government and found innocent. What really happened there is he dry humped a girl during one of his performances and some old ahjummas got their panties in a twist.

After all the controversy GD took a year long hiatus but came back strong with a collab album with the other rapper of Big Bang, T.O.P.,  titled GD and TOP. The entire album is pretty awesome but my personal favorite out of the album was Knockout. After that Big Bang continued its activities as a whole for a couple years. They had a world tour and released two more albums Alive and Tonight. They also created some of my personal favorite Kpop songs Fantastic Baby and Bad Boy.

It wasn’t until 2012 that GD released another solo album, this one titled One of a Kind. The title song of this album earned him two “Best Hip Hop/Rap Song of the Year” awards. Though I personally prefer the song That XX. This album broke the previous record for highest selling solo album, which had been set by GD back in 2009. That year he was also named “Best Male Solo Artist” and won “Record of the Year”

This year he released another solo album last year in September titled Coup D’etat. It featured many artists but the most notable was Missy Elliot. She even performed it live with him at the Kpop Convention KCON in LA. He won a total of 4 awards with that album: “Best Male Solo Artist” “Best Music Video” “Best Dance Performance” and “Artist of the Year” Through all of this he has continued to play a huge part in composing and producing not on his solo stuff but also the group songs as well as the other members solo activites and other members of YG Entertainment. So… basically he rocks.

Alright… so this is a day late, H is for Hyuna will be out soon! Sorry for the delay!


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