H is for Hyuna

Some of you may recognize her from the Gangnam Style video but Hyuna is actually a pretty difficult topic for me to write about. I have nothing against her personally. In all the variety shows I have seen her in she seems like a really nice girl, and her songs are really catchy. But I also feel like she represents everything that is going wrong in Kpop.

I originally started listening to Kpop because it was catchy and the songs were way less dirty then our music here in the U.S. A. I stayed because the singers were talented and, still, the songs were catchy. I have a lot of respect for most Kpop Idols; they work really hard and are talented performers. But I feel like Hyuna’s talent is the fact that she is pretty. They market her as a rapper but she really can’t rap, her singing is mediocre and her dancing is barely better. The studio recorded versions of her songs are fine but I can’t deal with her live.

Not only that but over the past few years, ever since she started doing solo songs, they have been pushing a sexy image with her really hard. If it were a natural sexy I would have no problem with it, take Gain for example. She basically oozes sex appeal in her performances. With her it just feels like who she is and she is really good at it, but with Hyuna if feels really forced and awkward.

They took this girl…Image

and turned her into this…




It is not just Hyuna though, I feel like a lot of Kpop feels more forced now a days. It’s like they take teenagers, caring less and less if they are talented and more and more if they are hot. Then they put them at a music video shot saying “The concept is, you are a gangster… GO.”  The concept can vary but the awkwardness remains. And because Kpop is becoming more popular small companies are popping out of the wood work shelling out Kpop group after Kpop group making the ones that are worth listening to hard to find.

Here is a link to one of her most popular solo singles, what do you think of her? Am I being too sensitive or does it feel off to you too?



2 thoughts on “H is for Hyuna

  1. I have not heard of this type of music but what I can tell you is I prefer the first girl she look more happy and relaxed if I saw the second one we would not watch her as it is not something I would like for my son to see. To me it is degrading to us women.

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