M is for M-Line

This post kind of goes along with the Eye Smile post for E, but instead of names for features that we never think of, it is actually about ones we do think of, but have different names for. This post probably should have gone under “L,” because I am going to be talking about all sorts of lines, but I wanted to talk about Lee Michelle! So I am going to put it under “M” and start with the M-Line.

The M-line is my favorite for obvious reasons; it is describing six pack abs! Also known as “chocolate abs” this line has defined some of my favorite eye candy. Here is a picture… you know, in case you need clarification…


The rest of the “lines” are less fun for me because they all define different female features, the most common one is the V-line. It describes someone with small cheeks coming down to a pointed chin. I mentioned in the Eye Smile post that Korean women will often bunch their hands and put them on either side of their face to take a photo. Along with making their faces appear smaller this is also supposed to enhance a V-Line.


Another common line reference is an S line. This is supposed to be a woman with large breasts and butt seen from the side. Being immersed in Korean culture as long as I have I have heard many girls described as having an S-line,  but I just can’t see it. Maybe it is because I have been raised in North America. But…lady, I’m sorry… you have no curves! You, as a beautiful Asian woman, get being ridiculously skinny, having beautiful hair and really pretty eyes. Leave this alone, it is just not you and that is okay. Leave the S-lines to Beyoncé and J.Lo. (Same goes with B-line which is supposed to be big boobs.)


The next line. in my opinion, describes Asian women much better, and is called the X-line. This means that they have long slim limbs connected by a tiny waist. It baffles me that this is one of the less used descriptive “lines,” becuase it is so much closer to what a typical Korean woman would look like. I guess we all want what we don’t have.


The line I have just recently heard of, and I think is the strangest, is the D-line. This is describing a pregnant woman’s body. It’s not that I don’t get why it was called a D-line, but why have a weird name for it? I actually think it is funny in general that they seemed to have alphabetized the female body. Except for the M-line, nothing funny about that, totally makes sense.


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