Hello again!

All of this was written at 1:30am while on a sugar high so please bear with me, this could get a bit rambly.

Hello world, I am back in the blogging sphere! I just finished a webinar I bought from Writer’s Digest about how to be a more productive writer. As you can see from the dates of when my last post was and when I am posting this, I clearly need help in this department. Two of the quotes that were pointed out during this webinar really hit home for me. The first was said by Steven Pressfield, “Figure out what scares you the most, and do that first.”

For me, that is blogging. I have considered coming back to blogging over and over for the past nine months and I always just pushed it aside, and told myself I would do it later. But after listening to that webinar I asked myself, why? Why was I so afraid of blogging again? And I realized it was because of one of the most common fears anyone can have. The fear of being judged, and being found wanting. So, I have decided that I don’t give a shit anymore.

Some people might think it’s not that simple, but it really is. I simply refuse to let what I think others might have to say about my blogs influence what I do, or don’t, write. This brings me to my other quote by Joss Whedon, “If you don’t have to write, you shouldn’t be writing.”

The entire time I wasn’t blogging, I wasn’t really writing much, and it was killing me. I was depressed and frustrated with my life and I just couldn’t get out of that slump. I have all of these stories in my head just dying to get out, and I let doubt and fear get in the way.

Looking back to when I started this blog I have realized that I made one big mistake, I gave myself a time limit. I said that if within a year or two I wasn’t successful then I would go back to school. Well, screw that. I know, without a doubt, that writing is what I want to do with my life.

I have a day job that gets me by and I can pay the bills with. Why would I spend all of my extra time working on getting a degree I don’t care about for a job I tolerate, instead of using it for writing? I will stop writing the day I have nothing left to say and, as anyone who has met me can tell you, I will be on my death bed jabbering away.

I have also made one more decision. I am, mostly, done with blogging about Kpop. As much as I love it, it is not what I am focused on. I will, starting next Sunday, have one review of a self-published short story each week and I will make random posts of my thoughts. That isn’t to say that I will never blog about Kpop again. If something big happens I will probably talk about it. But I want my focus to be writing,

Peace out for now!


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